Classical education for a digital age

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What's this for?

  • Supplement a classical homeschooling curriculum
  • Achieve mastery through continuous practice
  • Economize on the student's time by applying spaced repetition theory
  • Incorporate advances within the liberal arts (especially the technical aspects)

What is taught?

  • We plan to support all the classical liberal arts, but already have grammar, logic, arithmetic, geometry, and astronomy exercises
  • We currently have 751 unique exercises and are adding more all the time (the last one was added on 2020-12-25)

How do I use this?

  • Click 'Try Random Exercise' to see what it is like to use without needing to be signed in
  • For the full experience though, click 'Sign Up for Early Access' and create an account with a username and password
  • Then, click 'Learn' and complete the exercises to the best of your ability
  • You will get hints when you answer incorrectly
  • The more times you answer a kind of exercise correctly, the less frequently you'll review it
  • Regularly finishing your "daily workout" is the surest path towards mastery

Boethius is actively being developed

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