Classical education for a digital age

Master the liberal arts, and then never forget them

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Who's this for?

  • Families wanting to supplement a classical homeschooling curriculum
  • Individuals wishing to reap the benefits of a liberal arts education without the high cost of schooling
  • Our curriculum currently consists of 74 lessons with 991 unique exercises, roughly covering subjects taught in 1st-3rd grade Latin Grammar schools (and this is expanding each week!)

How does it work?

  • The student can choose lessons from various disciplines (grammar, arithmetic, astronomy, etc...) and get immediate feedback every step of the way
  • Our state of the art spaced repetition algorithm prepares practice sessions to review each item learned for exactly when it would maximize long term retention
  • Complete "daily workouts" and participate in our leaderboard to stay motivated

Boethius is actively being developed

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